Only Love Survives

Amidst an epidemic ravaging the world, all Megan Fletcher’s hopes for the future lie in getting to Las Vegas where newscasts reported scientists were gathering to search for a cure for the modern plague. After rescuing her from a rooftop surrounded by Zombies, Sam Woods appoints himself her escort.  While he knows she is determined to get to Vegas no matter the cost, he doesn’t know her secret. And with his hatred of all things Zombie, she doesn’t dare tell him the truth. The more he kisses her, the harder it is for Megan to hide her growing feelings…and the bite-shaped scar.

But Vegas is not the haven it was promised to be, and when Megan’s immunity to the disease is discovered, she realizes her future and her heart belong to Sam, if he will trust her.  An idealistic school teacher and ex-corporate mogul manage to find love despite a looming worldwide catastrophe. Can their love survive while everything around them is dying? Will they learn that when facing the end of the world, Only Love Survives?

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Renee Charles’10 favorite things about Halloween:

Halloween is my favorite time of year. I love how the leaves turn color and the air crisp. Suddenly it’s okay to wear purple and green together, spider earrings and fishnet hose. I have loved the season since I was a kid, and can only assume it stems from the same place as my love of paranormal romance.  Werewolves, vampires and Daemons, oh my! Here are my favorite things about Halloween, add anything to the list you feel I have missed. (Oh and you will note, dressing up in sexy little costumes is not on the list. That is deliberate, because those can and should be worn year round under the right circumstances…wink, wink.)

  1. Racing my kids through Cornmazes
  2. Pumpkin flavored lattes
  3. Fancy fake eyelashes
  4. Walking through Haunted houses with my eyes only half open, holding on to husbands sleeve to guide me.
  5. Singing the song Thriller at the top of my lungs
  6. Sorting through my kids candy and picking out my favorite pieces, then guilting them into letting me have them.
  7. The absolutely only time of year I am inspired to bake cookies, just to warm up the house without actually turning the heat on yet.
  8. Men dressed in firemen costumes.
  9. Decorating my house on Oct 1st, because if I sneak in anything before that my husband takes it down.
  10. The annual family trek through the Halloween superstore, where my kids have been known to throw a rubber snake at their father and dance in masks to the song Superfreak.

EXCERPT:  Only Love Survives

A storm that spelled danger flashed across Sam’s face. He advanced on Megan so fast, she backed up against the side of the Suburban. Planting a hand firmly on each side of her, he pinned her with his arms as well as his gaze.

“What I want? Are you so hard headed you can’t tell what I want?” He covered her mouth with his lips and crushed her clever comeback with an assault on her senses.

Megan pushed him, but he didn’t budge. Instead, he continued to kiss her until her heart raced and cheeks flushed with need. All resistance melted and she succumbed to the warmth of his embrace. Her arms wound around his neck of their own accord pulling him closer while her tongue sought his in a passionate dance, completely ignoring what her heart wanted.

When he finally broke away leaving Megan breathless and wanting so much more, Sam put his forehead to hers and watched her mouth like a drunk watches amber liquid poured into a glass. “You,” he rasped. “I’ve wanted you since I found you hanging from that damn roof, and all our little encounter in the river did was add fuel to the fire.”

Author, Renee Charles believes all love is legendary. Being the only female in a house full of giants (husband and two teenage boys) she tends to lean toward the strange and unusual, but inevitably the softer side shines through.

Whether life leads her to a snow covered mountain top, sun dappled forest, or the bottom of a ravine (yes, ditches happen) she always has a pen and note pad ready so wherever the next adventure takes her, she can take notes.

Her own romance began in an insane asylum. Luckily, both she and her husband only worked there. But it makes sense her romance novels have strange beginnings that lead to passionate endings. Romance with a dark twist.

In the face of zombies, werewolves, and big foot she always seems to find a happily ever after to leave you with a sigh at the end.

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