Emotional Story

It’s been a long time since a book has actually moved me emotionally to the point that I cry. The Shoemaker’s Wife, by Adriana Trigiani, was a brilliantly written story of two characters that made my heart physically ache. Ciro and Enza will stay with me long after I have finished the book, and there were so many quotable/highlight moments in the book, I could never list all of my favorites. The historical moments were wonderful, especially getting glimpses of the Metropolitan Opera House and early New York City. I grew up in Minnesota for many years, so the book ending there was especially touching. The love story was something that hasn’t reached the inner recesses of my heart since reading The Notebook. I loved the intimate settings of Italy, the caring of the nuns in the convent, all the way to the rushing of New York City and the rural country of Minnesota. This book offered so much for the soul and made me believe in love, true love, honor, and loyalty again. Bravo!