Leaping Lanny!

Wrestling with Rhyme!



Have a glimpse into the poetic soul of “The Genius” of the World Wrestling Federation.







Hillbilly Jim

From the foothills of Kentucky

Pioneered by Daniel Boone

Comes a rompi’ stompin hero

Hotter than the month of June

He was discovered by Hulk Hogoan

Just a diamond in the rough

Hillbilly Jim is not a quitter

When the rasslin’ gets too tough

But from the streets of San Francisco

Comes a man who doesn’t seem right

And they call him Brutus Beefcake

But you out to see him fight

Johnny Valian made the challenge

Putting both men on the linb

One night in San Diego

Saw the end of Hillbilly Jim

Pro Wrestling is a battlefield

And danger signs our checks

For what they’ve done to big Jim’s leg

I hope he breaks their necks

Father Time’s the greatest healer

Jim will take some if he’s smart

Just remember what was damaged

Was his leg and not his heart

When the Hulkster takes his vitamins

Works out and says his prayers

You can bet Big Jim get mentioned

To the big man way upstairs