I am hosting a contest to name a character in the third and final book of the Linked Through Time trilogy. To enter, leave a comment on my website with your character name and email- winner will be notified by February 28th. Winner will have their character name in the third book and their own name printed in the acknowledgements of the print book.(ebook as well)
Beware–your character may or may not make it through the plot alive~ Something to think about before you name them after your dear Grandmother or Aunt.

17 thoughts on “READER CONTEST

  1. I would like to see an Elizabeth! It’s a good, solid name from any time period, feminine yet strong…. And it’s a family name in my family, and its my middle name :-) hehe. p.s. Just finished book two, going to leave you a review on good reads and amazon!!

  2. More girl names!!!
    Skylar, Skara, Parker, Stana, Syra, Jubilee, Alamica, Avixa, Lumia, Rispia, Aspen, Juniper, Reis
    More boy names!!!
    Hart, Rainer, Ryker, Janz, Tundred, Garnett, Emral, Osten, Adan, Ragnar, Reis

    I’m just bursting with unique names!!!! :)

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