YA books- all the Rage!

I recently picked up another YA book to read for the summer- already straying from my initial Summer Read list. I picked up GONE, a first in a series of 4 books I think. I can’t help but stick to YA books these days, partly because I write for that age, but also because the books offer more of what I am looking for than in the adult genres I have been reading lately. I really like the character development and creativity inside the YA author’s mind. Plus, I feel like it takes me through a walk of my past and, yes, I can still relate to a lot of what characters are going through despite my age.

Do you have a favorite YA book? I recently read Hopeless, Divergent, Insurgent, and The Maze Runner. I loved the creativity, and I realize the dystopian book is the “it” thing right now. I actually have a dystopian in the works, but cannot figure out the ending, so it sits on my computer in stalled mode. I would love to get comments on your favorite YA books- what you look for in a YA book- and let’s try and remember some of our favorite YA books of the past—I still love reading Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, and I was a HUGE fan of the Nancy Drew Files books- Anyone?