Book Blog Boost

After taking quite the hiatus- I am trying to get back into the book world- not just in devouring books myself, but talking about them and possibly, writing again. In the meantime, I spent most of COVID lockdown reading so many types of books- and leaving many books unfinished (which I never used to do) I realized I am searching for that life altering book. That book that leaves you with a book hangover because you are so altered by how invested you are in the characters and their lives.

I have to say joining an online book club on Facebook really helped direct me to better choices in books. I went through a dry spell where I couldn’t invest in ANYTHING- and this book club really helped me find readers with my same interests and passions, but also helped me go outside my comfort zone. Some of my favorite titles this past COVID lockdown time were: The Authenticity Project, Anxious People, In Five Years, The Language of Flowers, and Finding Georgina. One book that I really loved and didn’t expect to was, Have You Seen Luis Velez. Some heartfelt reads there in the list and not some of my usual picks.

I realized it is close to a decade since my book trilogy had its meager beginnings, and as my children get older I am finding that maybe I can return to the keyboard once again. But first, let’s see if I can manage a few posts on the old website. Here’s something to think about….what do you look for when choosing a book…I’ve used several methods including the “eye catching cover”…but the one thing that never fails me, is to read the first page. The perspective/viewpoint is what gets me every time. I find this is what I want to keep in mind when I write my own stories. Certain voices are so catchy- they grab you from page one. Authors that can master that voice intrigue me, because to me, they have mastered getting into the human brain so well it feels like they could write about something mundane but make it so relatable and interesting you don’t even notice-

Why do you read? to learn? To escape? To feel? All I know is…there is nothing better than a good book. You can take a story anywhere….book hangover