New Release!!- DECKER- by Mel Massey

 A companion novel to the Earth’s Magick Series. New Adult Urban Fantasy.


 Book Blurb:

 In this first companion novel to the Earth’s Magick series, Decker tells his incredible, and sometimes painful, life story. For over 2,000 years, he has fought to survive and find his place in this ever-changing world. Beginning in a remote village in ancient Saudi Arabia, he takes the reader with him to Egypt, Rome, Gaul, Ireland, Scotland, Africa, and finally to the New World.  Earth’s Magick readers will relive Decker’s incredible adventures and his most intimate secrets.

Mel Massey lets you inside the book—Read on for a little taste of Decker! 


Decker watched Mela as she went inside for the night.  It was another late night of training and she’d done well.  He smiled and thought he made a wonderful teacher if he could have her fighting like that in such a short time.  He worried for her though.  He watched Mela through the windows, still innocent in the eyes of a warrior, as she made her way through the house.  She hadn’t taken a life yet, and until she did, she would be at a disadvantage from the part of her that mourns and feels guilt.  He worried she wouldn’t be willing to and that was the thought that kept him up at night.  She needed to be a killer.

She would hesitate–he could feel it.  She wasn’t ready to face a real life or death fight, not yet.  Until she was truly ready, he’d keep watch at night.  Until he knew, without a doubt, that she would use her sword as if it were a part of her, and with no thought of the outcome, he would worry.  He wondered if Wyatt would come now that the day’s training was done.  Telling him stories from the past brought up many memories, and a deep longing he hadn’t known was there began to bother him.

Decker sat in his chair. It was his because he told everyone it was, and for now he rested his feet on the porch railing.  Despite what he previously thought, he felt comfortable here at Mela’s home, and with his brothers.  His affection for the girl was deepening every day, much to his surprise.  When she moved with graceful purpose, he was so proud of her accomplishments.  When she couldn’t manage to do something quick enough to suit her, he wanted to help her more.  Yes, he knew he had become very fond of Mela.  She was kind, but mouthy too.  He liked that.  She didn’t scold him often for being uncouth and she laughed at his jokes. It was almost like…

“Hey there, Decker!”  Wyatt’s voice broke into his thoughts and Decker nodded his greeting to him.  Wyatt was such a pretty man, Decker thought.  He would’ve done well back in a time when a man’s beauty was considered just as important as a woman’s.  He smelled nice too, just like a proper Roman.

“Evening, Wyatt.  What brings you out on a crisp, dark night?”  Wyatt didn’t respond as he sat in the chair beside Decker and handed him a box.

“For you.  I hope you like it.”  Wyatt said, flashing his brilliant smile.  Decker eyed him for a moment and opened the lid to the box.

“Ohhh…” Decker couldn’t help but smile. Wyatt had given him a box of cigars.  He lifted one of the brown cylinders and held it up to his nose.  He closed his eyes and breathed in the thick, heady aroma.  “Lovely.”  Completely chuffed at his gift, Decker swiftly bit the tip off of the cigar and lit the other end.  He puffed on it for a while to let it catch fully and the thick blanket of musky smoke covered the back porch.

“Good?”  Wyatt asked with a hint of laughter in his voice.

“Oh yeah. Thanks, pal.” He smacked Wyatt on the back once and sat back in his chair, completely relaxed.  Wyatt watched him for a moment, pleased with the look of happiness on Decker’s face.  The genuine pleasure he saw in Decker’s smile made the difficult task of buying a box of good cigars worth it.

“Right…So, are you ready to talk some more?”  Wyatt asked him, already pulling out his pad of paper and recorder.  Decker smiled and nodded his head as he tried to remember how to blow smoke rings.

“And what, may I ask, is going on?”  Vasha’s sultry voice tickled the air.  Both men looked to see Vasha walking towards them from the shadows.  Each step he took was full of seductive grace.  All four of his arms extended out to touch the trees as he passed them.  With his silent approach, he brought an overwhelming mixture of fragrances.  Vasha spent much of his time bathing himself with perfumed soaps, rubbing perfumed oils into his blue skin, or smoking an assortment of pungent herbs from his Hookah. “It looks like a party and I want to know why I wasn’t invited.”

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Mel Massey is the author of the Earth’s Magick series and other tales. She’s married to an active duty soldier and that keeps her and her family moving around the United States. For more information on Mel, visit