New Year- New You

Everyone has their New Year’s Resolution. But I am ready to commit to a new kind of resolution. And that is to read a variety of genres this year. I typically steer toward historical fiction (hence- my time travel series), but I feel the need to expand my horizons. I would like to include some nonfiction entries, a sci-fi, and maybe…just maybe… a fantasy. That will be a hard reach for me. I am currently enjoying some fictions reads from my goodreads list that I make based off of my book club suggestions and word of mouth..but I would love to hear some suggestions of well loved books from the genres I just listed.

I also have the goal to start writing again, and I have a few ideas floating around in my head. Of course, all are so different that I have no idea which way to go. I have dystopian, young adult, and a little “based on a true story” going around as well as a good old survival story. Dystopians have flooded the market and I may have missed the boat on that one…Young adult is always a fun place to be, but the older I get, the less I feel I can fully relate. And the true story is a little close to home and may not be received well by all…Hmmmmm..Leaning toward a good old fashioned fun survival story so far. Thoughts?

Hope your new year is starting off well!  Stay healthy! Stay safe! Keep reading!


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