Pack 814 has a great day for a run!

After setting up in the dark, early morning hours for my book signing, it was fun to sit back and relax the runners prepare for their 5K challenge. The day was beautiful and runners competed with great spirit. It was a slow day for sales, but lots of good talks and vibes from the community on my start up as an author! It has only been a few months since Linked hit the shelves, but I have been getting great feedback from young and old! It makes me nervous for the sequel- people are always harder on the sequel!
I had beautiful bookmarks made up at Pelican Printing; now I am ready to hit the streets and find those teens out there who still love to read! Thanks to Pack 814 for letting me set up a table at the fun run- I look forward to more positive interactions with the community as season approaches! Hoping to make it out to Jammin’ Jensen one night.