Seeking the Storyteller- new fiction out now!

I know of the Storyteller, it whispers into the man’s ear, I’ve met him. If you promise not to kill me, I’ll take you to him. 

Alix Andre DeBenit and Randall Fagan are Hunters, part of a hidden network of humans who track and kill the monsters lurking in our world so everyone else can pretend they don’t exist. But when a living shadow mentions someone called the Storyteller, Alix hesitantly decides to learn more.
They say the Storyteller lives in a massive library full of books that tell every being’s life story. He can read
these books, rewrite them and change anything he wants, even if it’s already happened. That’s the power Alix wants, the power to bring his murdered family back and he’s determined to make the Storyteller do it.

He just has to decide if working with the very creatures he’s supposed to kill is worth it.


Looking for more?? Check out the first chapter at this link:!hunters-1-preview/c1ier

Thanks for visiting the site today…here are some fun facts about the author:

What’s 2014 look like for you as an author- any new works?

For 2014 I’m working on a new novel based around a group of people who are personifications of different elements.  Oh, and the sequel to Seeking the Storyteller, of course.

Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

My favorite author, at the moment, would have to be Kim Harrison.  I love the world she creates and her characters feel so real.  As for favorite book… I have far too many to choose just one. 

What genre does your writing fit under?

My genre usually fits under Urban Supernatural, but I also love dabbling in the horror genre.  And very occasionally romance…

Any other hobbies or interests?

I love to sew.  My partner/co-author and I both attend quite a few anime conventions in costume and sell our crafts and hang out with a lot of people.  That pretty much takes up all our free time in one way or another.

What is one thing your readers may not know about you?

Seeking the Storyteller started over 12 years ago when my coauthor and I met online and started roleplaying with different characters.  It has evolved and changed since then, but it was always our form of ‘dating’ since we were states apart.