Thanksgiving Wishes-

This time of year, we turn to things that inspire, that make us feel and believe in the holiday magic. I have written a blog on miraculous happenings for my publishing house to bring the focus back to the true meaning of the season; meaning we can’t find in the long lines at the mall on Black Friday. I call the blog, “I Choose to Believe”- because of the feeling I get this time of year that reminds me of heavenly beings-specifically guardian angels. Have you ever had something happen you couldn’t quite explain? Had someone protect you when you didn’t know you needed it? Tune into website for my blogs on miracles inĀ  everyday life and share with me in the comments here if you have had something similar happen.

If you are a reader- find me on and let’s share reads! I am always looking for that next big book to draw me in. And watch in January for sales on my books Linked Through Time and Lost Through Time, with the 3rd and final of the trilogy coming soon! Have a wonderful holiday season!