Angela Burke’s-Lucidity

My Saturn Return

For those of you familiar with astrology, it is known that the planet Saturn returns to the exact spot in the Universe where it was when you were born – in precisely 29.5 years.  This “return” may become blatantly apparent in the late twenties to early thirties, as individuals are faced with the inevitable world of adulthood.  This can be a time filled with chaos, change, and letting go of old beliefs and ways.

As it was with me.  At exactly the age of 29.5 I began to write down ideas for the novel that would eventually be known as LUCIDITY.  I would spend the summer before I turned 30 finishing the first draft.  Now, whether or not I was dealing with my Saturn Return may be up for debate, but I think there was something rather cosmic about the process.

Our Saturn Return allows us to clean out our closets and start fresh.  It gives us the opportunity to embrace the emotional and spiritual turmoil we may have suppressed for 29.5 years and create something new.  It is a chance to take what we’ve learned, process it, deny it, and then come to terms with the life that is ours…not anyone else’s.  Through the process of writing my first novel, I learned a great deal about myself…what I wanted out of life, what I knew was best for myself and what pathway I wanted to take.  That meant letting go of things that weren’t good for my soul.  And through the fire of my Saturn Return, I found a colorful new world awaiting me…one that allowed me to escape through my favorite passion – writing.  It took me about five years to perfect LUCIDITY before sending it in to prospective publishers, but the seed that it sprouted from began with the return of Saturn.  And interestingly enough, my protagonist, Raya, in LUCIDITY, was also facing a Saturn Return (although I didn’t realize this at the time I was writing).

Likewise, for those readers out there at, or soon approaching, the ages of 57-60, your second return of Saturn may allow for similar experiences as it becomes evident that no matter what age we are, we should never compromise being the sole authority in our life.  It’s okay to take a chance.  You never know…you may just find a hidden passion.

LUCIDITY by Angela Burke 

 Raya Walden doesn’t believe in ghosts…just the thought sends shivers up her spine.  But as she falls in love with Jack Castille during a summer job at the rustic Hideaway Lodge, a resort nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Raya discovers she has an undisclosed paranormal talent.  A talent that she doesn’t want.  Yet it is this gift that will ultimately save her life…

Lucidity is a story about the secrets of the unknown, the essence of the spirit and the endurance of love….will you believe?

 Angela Burke is the author of LUCIDITY and BENEATH the MAYAN MOON.  She lives in Boulder, Colorado and enjoys running, skiing and taking long hikes in the mountains. A former teacher, she now spends her time building her massage therapy practice, while chasing after her three great kids and daydreaming up new story ideas.

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