Happy 2018! Time to get your read on!

It’s that time of year- time to make a New Year’s Resolution! I think your year can only get better by adding some amazing books to your list. This year, I had some great reads- one of my favorite- Small, Great Things by Jodi Picoult. I also liked Trevor Noah’s- Born a Crime. A few others on my list- Before We Were Yours, Lilac Girls, and Three Wishes. Some fun reads! Don’t forget to support new authors out there- it’s so hard to break into the business and get noticed. And don’t forget to leave reviews online! I know that’s a huge factor on my choices- but most importantly, tell friends! I get a lot of my book recommendations from book clubs and my neighbor, Lexi. It helps you try new genres and branch out a bit!

Start out with my YA trilogy book #1- Linked Through Time- Time travel is in- if Outlander has anything to say about it!


Best of luck in 2018 and send in your favorite reads from the past year!coverlinked-thru-time