Kristal McKerrington- Her latest book!

Hello All Readers,

Its great to be back with all of you, its been almost a couple of months since I last appeared on this blog. I want to thank Jessica for having me on here today with my co-author Joe E Legend. My co-author is a former WWE/TNA superstar, film star and now full time author. He’s about to release a whole range of books on the world.

Here is a taster of what we are releasing next week with Solstice Publishing. The book is called “Norse Gods: The Lovers War.” This sees me return to the Paranormal romance world for the first time in quite some time.

“Loki wasn’t ready for a new mate. Jennifer’s here to take his son. What will happen when the two collide? Is she ready to fall in love with a Norse God?”

 We have another great book coming out in the next two weeks with Solstice Publishing. This book is more what is expected of Joe. He’s taking the lead and helping to put out a wrestling romance which is very close to how wrestling is actually handled in real life. What better person to take lead on this great book?

“Strong, muscled chiselled good looks and a gentlemen to boot. That was what Anna’s friends thought she’d caught herself. Instead she caught herself a fighter, a wrestler and she knew what that meant.”

These two great books will be in eBook and Print. These are designed to tease your senses and make you water at the mouth. The hard hitting plots help me to live up to my reputation. These are the skills I’m passing onto Joe.

Currently I have Calling You Home out with Solstice Publishing. I have just finished the second part to May and Jason’s story and I hope to be getting it to the publisher very soon. I’ve been so honoured to be a part of the special Celebrity Imprint she opened for us.

Jason finds out, Mary, the woman he let go all those years ago has returned. Now they have a second chance at the future they have always dreamed of, but she carried a secret away when she left. Now that she’s back her secrets have come home to roost. How will Jason react when he finds out what she has been hiding?

 Get your copy now from Amazon for $1.24! What a bargain right?

Before we get out of here, we are proud to present our first book with Firefly & Wisp Publishing. Its a hot book which has tongues wagging from one end of the States to the other. This is a book which has seen many dancers gossiping and wrestlers just a like. This is a hard hitting story which will have you desperate for me.

What is this book called?

Well its none other than Marie’s World.

“A simple job, unwanted love triangle. There is no escape for this twin.”

This book is due out really soon, we hope the 4th of July. We will announce its release on Twitter the moment its out.

Well thank you Jessica for letting us taking over your wonderful page and we hope to talk again soon. Before we completely close out this awesome blog, we hope to drop you the links for the fan pages where you can talk directly to me and Joe.

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